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July 3–4

PyCon Russia 2016

Рус Eng

hettinger1Raymond Hettinger, Santa Clara, USA

Raymond Hettinger has been a Python core developer since 2001 and is the author or maintainer of many parts of the language. He runs a Python training company that has trained over 5,000 Python programmers worldwide.

Last year, the Python Software Foundation honored him with the Python Distinguished Service Award for exemplary contribution to the Python community. His contributions to the language include generator expressions, the peephole optimizer, the collections and itertools modules, the LRU cache, and a number of everyday builtins such as any, all, enumerate, reversed, zip, and sorted.

Twitter: @raymondh

Gorner Martin Gorner, Paris, France

Developer Relations, Google. Martin is passionate about science, technology, coding, algorithms and everything in between. He graduated from Mines Paris Tech, enjoyed his first engineering years in the computer architecture group of ST Microlectronics and then spent the next 11 years shaping the nascent eBook market, starting with the Mobipocket startup, which later became the software part of the Amazon Kindle and its mobile variants. He joined Google Developer Relations in 2011 and now focuses on parallel processing and machine learning technologies.

maclverDavid Maclver, London, UK

David is the primary author of Hypothesis, a property-based testing library for Python whose stated mission is "to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new and terrifying age of high quality software". It’s a work in progress. Prior to tilting at windmills, he worked at Google and a series of London startups as a back end data engineer and was often accused of not writing enough tests.

Github: DRMacIver

Kazil Jackie Kazil, Washington, DC, USA

Technical Fellow at Capital One. > Technical Fellow at Capital One. Jackie loves data and teaching coding. She is a leader in the Python community and is involved with PyLadiesDC, PyLadies Int’l, Women Data Science DC, Python Software Foundation, and more. She is the author of Data Wrangling with Python and creator of Mesa, a Python 3 agent-based modeling library. In her professional career, she has worked to transform non-tech companies into tech-first organizations. She has worked in finance, government, and journalism, with a focus on public service.

Twitter: @JackieKazil

Ronacher Armin Ronacher, Vienna, Austria

Armin Ronacher is the original creator of the Flask framework, the Pallets project and many other Open Source libraries. He's currently located in Austria and working as a partner for Sentry and as an advisor for Fireteam.

Twitter: @mitsuhiko
Github: mitsuhiko

Manista Nathaniel Manista, San Francisco, California, USA

In recent years Nathaniel has worked on Project Hosting At, Google Summer of Code, and gRPC. His professional interests include the challenges of correctness and maintainability of codebases at scales of thousands of developers and decades of development.

Github: nathanielmanistaatgoogle

nuttal Ben Nuttall, Лондон, Великобритания

Ben is Raspberry Pi’s Community Manager.

He’s a software developer who loves Linux, Python and all things open source. Ben has helped the Raspberry Pi Foundation with its education and outreach over the last four years, starting with setting up a Raspberry Jam as a keen member of the community, and for the last two years, working for the Foundation in Cambridge, delivering teacher training, creating learning resources, running workshops and speaking at conferences.

Ben is enthusiastic about engaging people in computing and digital making and ensuring it’s accessible to everyone. Ben created a Python library called GPIO Zero, which provides interfaces to everyday GPIO components making physical computing with the Raspberry Pi more intuitive.

alexander-sibiryakov Alexander Sibiryakov, Prague, Czech Republic

Python Developer at Scrapinghub.


andrew-svetlov Andrew Svetlov, Kiev, Ukraine

Python Core Developer.

Twitter: @andrew_svetlov

Aleksandr-Koshkin Aleksandr Koshkin, Boston, USA

Senior python developer at Positive Technologies.

Linkedin: Aleksandr Koshkin

andrew_vlasovskix Андрей Власовских, Санкт-Петербург

Python Developer at PyCharm.

sumin Andrey Sumin, Moscow

Team Lead, Products team at HeadHunter Group.

Linkedin: andreysumin

petlinsky Pavel Petlynsky, Moscow

Python Developer at Rambler&Co.

malyshev Artem Malyshev, Nizhny Novgorod

Senior python developer at Positive Technologies.

Twitter: @proofit404
Github: proofit404

kiselev Dmitry Kiselev, Ekaterinburg

Developer at

Github: kiselev-dv

lavrenuk Alexey Lavrenyuk, Moscow

Developer at Yandex.

lavrenuk Andrii Soldatenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Andrii Soldatenko boast expertise as a Python and Golang developer with strong hard and soft skills. He is CTO in Australian startup Persollo. Also he’s working as Python Backend Developer via toptal under social network. He has lot's of experience in speaking in many PyCons and has fallen in love with natural language processing and text mining.

Twitter: @a_soldatenko

Tsyganov Ivan Tsyganov, St. Petersburg

Senior python developer at Positive Technologies.

Linkedin: tsyganovivan

egorov Anton Egorov, Moscow

Developer at


Tuzova Ekaterina Tuzova, St. Petersburg

Developer at PyCharm.

Twitter: @ktisha Github: ktisha

borisov Kirill Borisov, Moscow

Developer at Yandex.

Github: lensvol

lopuhin Konstantin Lopuhin, Moscow

Developer at Scrapinghub.

kukushkin Dmitry Kukushkin Minsk

Developer at