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July 22–23

PyCon Russia 2018

Рус Eng

selivanovYury Selivanov, Toronto, Canada

Expert software engineer with the primary focus on system scalability and performance. Founder of EdgeDB, the next generation object database. Core Python developer, author of uvloop, asyncpg, asyncio. In the course of his work Yury consulted numerous companies like Cisco, Pinterest, ABB, Nintendo and others, and his software is used to improve performance at companies like Facebook, Instagram etc. Yury studied Computer Science at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Twitter: @1st1, GitHub: @1st1

svwtlovAndrew Svetlov, Kiev, Ukraine

Python Core Developer, co-author of several Open Source libraries, speaker at many conferences.

Twitter: @andrew_svetlov, Blog:

WarrickMelanie Warrick, San Francisco, USA

Melanie Warrick is a Senior Developer Advocate for machine learning and Google Cloud. Previously, she was a founding engineer for DeepLearning4J (open source neural net platform in Java), and also implemented machine learning in production at Over the last couple of years, she has spoken at many conferences about artificial intelligence, and her passions include working on machine learning problems at scale.

Twitter: @nyghtowl

HeimesChristian Heimes, Hamburg, Germany

Christian is a Python core developer and security engineer from Hamburg/Germany. He maintains Python's ssl and hashlib module, and contributes to improve security of CPython. In his day job he works at Red Hat's security engineering and identity management department on FreeIPA, Dogtag PKI and Custodia.

GitHub: @tiran, twitter: @ChristianHeimes

HeddlestonKate Heddleston, San Francisco, USA

Kate Heddleston is a software engineer from San Francisco. She currently works as an engineering manager for a startup called Shift, a marketplace for buying and selling used cars.

GitHub: @heddle317, twitter: @heddle317

JaenschStephan Jaensch, Hamburg, Germany

I'm a tech lead at Yelp, working on the core infrastructure of the Commerce group. I've worked and continue to work on our Business Owner App backend and am deeply involved in the service infrastructure at Yelp. My main focus area is inter-service development. I'm one of the maintainers of the Python stack for Swagger / OpenAPI (bravado etc). I also work on making our end-to-end testing faster and more reliable.

Twitter: @s_jaensch

alejAlejandro Saucedo, London, United Kingdom

Alejandro is the Head of Deployed Engineering at Eigen Technologies where he leads multiple teams of Machine Learning / DevOps engineers and academics across London and New York. He is also the founder and CTO at Exponential, a tech consultancy in Machine Learning and DevOps. He is a Fellow for AI, Data & Machine Learning at The RSA and founder of The Institute for Ethical ML. He was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Hack Partners, a technology consultancy that operates in the railway sector, started a global NGO called HackaGlobal that created multiple developer communities around the world, and worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg LP.

GitHub: @axsauze, twitter: @axsaucedo, linkedin: @axsaucedo

LingLing Zhang,London, United Kingdom

Ling is a passionate entrepreneur and polyglot software engineer. He is one of the first engineers at, an AI-powered coworker for marketers and has expertise in deep learning, natural language processing, and software architecture. He was previously in a NLP research group, has founded 2 startups, and was part of Entrepreneur First.

donaldDonald Whyte, London, United Kingdom

Donald is a senior software engineer at Engineers Gate, a New York-based quantitive hedge fund. There, he builds large-scale data pipelines and has processed over two dozen datasets. An avid Python and Rust developer and data enthusiast, Donald has given many talks about these languages across the world.

Previously, he organised hackathons in several countries and worked at Bloomberg L.P. where he built core, high performance database infrastructure that's still used across the firm globally.

GitHub: @DonaldWhyte, twitter: @donald_whyte, linkedin: @donaldwhyte

vlasovskihAndrew Vlasovskih, St. Petersburg

Developer of IDE PyCharm, JetBrains.

kuzmin Alexey Kuzmin, Moscow

Tech lead at

kamalova Marina Kamalova, Moscow

Developer at Yandex.

borisovSergei Borisov, Moscow

Tech lead at

pushtaevVadim Pushtayev, Moscow

Developer at Mail.Ru.

davydovVitaly Davydov, Moscow

Former data scientist and machine learning engineer at EasyTen and UCL. Nowadays CEO at POTEHA DEVELOPERS.

Facebook: iwitaly GitHub: @iwitaly

hodakovDmitry Khodakov, Moscow

Technical Team Lead / Data Scientist at

slezkoEvgeniy Slezko, Moscow

Technical Team Lead at Marilyn System.

Facebook: slezko

kataevDenis Kataev, Yekaterinburg

Developer at Tinkoff.

GitHub: @kataev

korobovMikhail Korobov, Yekaterinburg

Head of Data Science, ScrapingHub.

GitHub: @kmike

menshikovAlexander Menshikov, Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Python-developer at Laboratory of Intelligent Systems Engeneering.

nikeElena Nikitina, Moscow

Python-developer at Charity Fund "System".

patrushev Anton Patrushev, Yekaterinburg

CTO at Spherical.

mazaev Maxim Mazaev, Moscow

Python-developer at CIAN.

soldatenko Andrii Soldatenko, Kiev

Python-developer at Toptal. Yet another python developer, gopher under the hood. Blogger

Twitter: @a_soldatenko, GitHub: @andriisoldatenko

karpovich Serg Karpovich, Moscow

Head of the Search Development Group, PhD. Research interests: information retrieval, topic modeling, natural language processing, clustering, classification, data processing, machine learning.

bereskin Vadim Berezkin, Moscow

Leading technologist of search, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Research interests: information retrieval, machine learning, backend development in Python and C ++.

koshelev Alexander Koshelev, Moscow

Python-developer at Yandex.

malih Valentin Malykh, Moscow

Researcher in the laboratory of neural systems of MIPT.

limar Alexey Lymar, Moscow

Researcher in the laboratory of neural systems of MIPT.