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June 24–25

PyCon Russia 2019

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hettinger1Raymond Hettinger, Santa Clara, United States

Raymond Hettinger has been a Python core developer since 2001 and is the author or maintainer of many parts of the language. He runs a Python training company that has trained over 5,000 Python programmers worldwide.

His contributions to the language include generator expressions, the peephole optimizer, the collections and itertools modules, the LRU cache, and a number of everyday builtins such as any, all, enumerate, reversed, zip, and sorted.

He has also a recipient of Python Software Foundation's Distinguished Service Award.

Twitter: @raymondh

foordMichael Foord, Northampton, United Kingdom

Michael Foord is a Python core developer, the creator of unittest2 and the mock libraries, and the author of IronPython in Action. Also he is a Python Trainer, Coach & Contractor. Specialising in teaching Python & the end-to-end automated testing of systems.

Twitter: @voidspace


OliphantTravis Oliphant, Austin, United States

Creator of SciPy, NumPy, and Numba; founder and Director of Anaconda, Inc. Founder of NumFOCUS. CEO of Quansight

Twitter: @teoliphant


CuniAntonio Cuni, Genova, Italy

Antonio is an Italy-based consultant with years of experience with both big brands and small business, holding a Ph.D. and a Master Degree in Computer Science. He is one of the core developers of PyPy, as well as the creator/maintainer/contributor of numerous other open source projects. He have also been very active in the Python community for years, giving talks at various conferences such as EuroPython, PyCon Italia, PyCon UK, PyCon PL and PyCon ZA. He regularly writes on the PyPy blog. His main areas of interest are compilers, language implementation, TDD and performance.

Twitter: @antocuni

borisovKirill Borisov, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Developer at

malishevArtem Malyshev, Kaluga, Russia

Creator of the dry-python project. A former member of the django channels maintenance team.

grishkoNikita Grishko, Minsk, Belarus

Nikita helped to create tanks in, participated in the ride-sharing service development at Juno Inc., was the part of the infrastructure team at PandaDoc. Now, Nikita is a member of the backend team at Flo Health Inc., where he aims to create the best female healthcare product.

When not in the office, Nikita contributes to OpenSource projects, striving to convert his experience into something useful and earn a couple of thousands of stars on GitHub.

pushtaevVadim Pushtayev, Moscow

Team lead at Mail.Ru Group.