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Июнь 24–25

PyCon Russia 2019

Рус Eng

Raymond Hettinger, Python core developer

Tutorial on Function Dispatchers and Microweb-frameworks

Level-up your core Python skills while learning to build both batch and interactive function dispatchers. Get an insight into how to implement interactive shells, test runners, and micro-webframeworks such as Flask and Bottle.

Prerequisite skills: Be comfortable with the basics of lists, dictionaries, looping functions, classes, and try/except.

Approximate time: 2 1/4 hours.

Bring your computer, this is a hands-on session using Python 3.7 or Python 3.8.

Topics covered:

— function annotations

— conditional expressions

— the getattr() function

— the dict.get() method

— function decorators

— filtered task lists

— the @ notation

— dispatch dictionaries

— logging module

— dataclasses module

— json module

— http.HTTPStatus

— url parsing

— REST API servers

— HTTP headers

— WSGI applications